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Should Dogs Eat Nylabones? Learn About Safer Alternatives

It's no secret that dogs love chew toys. Getting a chew toy for your dog is a great way to keep them occupied, keep their teeth strong, provide mental stimulation, and help them cope with anxiety. If you're a pet owner, you've probably heard about nylabone chews. Available in all shapes and sizes, nylabones are some of the most popular chew toys out there - but are nylabones safe for dogs?

Read on to learn more about nylabone chew toys and whether they are an appropriate chew toy type for your pup. We also share some alternative dog chew toys and bones that are better for your pup and our planet.

What are Nylabone dog toys?

Nylabone chew toys are popular chew toys amongst dogs. Nylabone is actually a brand name and the maker of the original Nylabone. However, there are other brands now that make them. They are typically made of plastic or nylon. Because of their synthetic nature, many pet owners may wonder if they're safe for their canine companions to eat. More about that later.

Edible Nylabone treats are also available by the Nylabone brand as well as others. These edible chew toys may look like regular nylabones, but instead, they are usually made from different proteins, starches, and flavorings and are digestible. Most also contain less than-desirable added binders, fillers and other ingredients. Non-edible chews shouldn't be digested. Regardless of whether they are made from natural or artificial material, they are molded into bone-shaped objects.

Can Dogs Eat Nylabones?

The short answer is: no. Dogs can chew safely on nylabones but consuming them can be potentially dangerous. In fact, nylon dog chew toys can be a downright choking hazard. Ingestion of these chew toys can also cause an upset stomach or an allergic reaction. Even with edible chews, it's always safer to err on the side of caution when giving them to your dog or puppy.

Are Nylabones safe for dogs?

While Nylabones are designed to encourage healthy chewing habits for dogs, they are not completely 100% safe for dogs and puppies. There is always the risk that they may damage their teeth, have an allergic reaction, choke, or have an upset stomach. If you suspect your dog ate either a small piece or large chunks of nylabone products, contact your veterinarian immediately. In addition, nylon dog toys aren't great for our planet either. Traditional Nylabones are made from plastic and nylon. When dogs chew them, they end up creating microplastics that end up on the floor and in their stomachs. Neither is good. 

How Do I Choose a Safe Toy for My Dog?

When it comes to chew toys, the best way to ensure your dog's safety is by buying the right chew toy for its size. This means it must be big enough that they won't be able to swallow it. You should also pick a chew toy that matches your dog's chewing style, considering your dog's age, breed, health condition, and weight. Make sure the chew toy is not too hard that it will damage your dog's teeth or too soft that it shreds easily. Finally, supervise or check up on your dog and the toy periodically - they should never be left alone with chew toys.

No chew toy is 100% risk-free because no toy is 100% indestructible. However, if you pick the right size chew toy for your pet, you don't need to avoid chew toys altogether. Make sure you supervise your dog while chewing and contact your vet immediately if you suspect they have swallowed any pieces.

Planet Friendly Safe Alternatives to Nylabones

We value products that are safe for your pup and our planet. That's why we only source sustainable chew toys made from organic materials that can withstand rough play for the aggressive chewers out there. Here are some of our favorite natural dog chews:


This BetterBone HARD bone is the perfect dog chew toy for aggressive chewers who may or may not have a destructive chewing style. BetterBone SOFT is made for puppies and seniors who need something with a softer bite.

Durable and free from allergens and microplastics, BetterBones an excellent alternative for your dog's Nylabone and bully stick. Try them with this cool Treat Holder in metal. It keeps a bone or treat in place for your dog to tug and chew on for hours. 

Organic Cotton Dog Rope Toy

This 100% organic cotton rope toy for dogs is perfect for days of tug of war, tossing, fetching, or flossing. The natural fibers of the rope are beneficial for your dog's teeth and support dental health as they floss your pup's teeth while stimulating their gum. Plus, plastic-free construction is good for our planet.

Hemp Dog Bone Toy

This organic dog bone is made with hemp and 100% organic cotton filling and thread. We love it because it's 100% compostable and completely biodegradable. It's a great chew toy regardless of your dog's age.

That's the low down on nyla bones for dogs and our favorite alternatives to keep your pet and the planet safe. We hope you found this helpful!