A great alternative for products that cannot be composted or are biodegradable.

Many of our products are made with recycled metals, paper products, and more.

We also believe in recyclable food packaging to reduce you and your pet’s carbon footprint.


From natural ingredients like ground oats, honey, and coconut milk to sustainable materials like organic cotton, we carry many pet products that are organic.

All of these products are also made without chemicals or pesticides. Some are even biodegradable or compostable!


Composting happens through intervention by contributing water, oxygen, and organic matter to break down materials. 

While our compostable products can be composted at home or with city programs, always make sure to do your research. If you can’t compost, think about opting for biodegradable products instead.


We believe that supporting small businesses can limit fast fashion and reduce our carbon footprint.

Many of the brands we carry also care about protecting the environment and take great care in producing quality, meaningful products.


While so many of our products can be recycled, there are also many that have been given a second life.

Our upcycled products are those that have been made from recycled materials or ingredients.


As a zero waste pet store, we try our best to keep all of our products plastic free.

While we can’t always guarantee being 100% plastic-free, we try our best to carry products that won’t end up polluting our oceans or planet.


While it can be difficult to be completely zero waste, living a low waste lifestyle is a great start to living sustainably.

We aim to carry all low waste, durable products, helping you reduce your carbon footprint, without sacrificing quality.


When you’re not able to reuse and repurpose items, your next best option is searching for new products that are made from organic or earth friendly materials.

These materials should be considered for their environmental impact. How they can be disposed and whether they can biodegrade over time or be composted.


If you don’t have the means to compost, you should consider biodegradable products.

Biodegradition happens naturally over time by breaking down a product’s basic components and blending it with the earth.

Some products made of cardboard and cotton can break down easily, but others like bamboo wood could take years.


For any pet food products, specifically supplements, we prefer holistic, vet approved products that include all nutrients your pet needs to thrive.

By choosing sustainable, vet approved products, you’ll never be feeding your pet preservatives or unnecessary additives to slow them down.


As a sustainable pet store, we know how it important it is to reduce our carbon footprint. That's why many of our products are sourced both locally and nationally.

By choosing made in the usa pet products you're not only supporting the environment, but the local economy as well!