Max Reflective Upcycled Dog Leash BlueMax Reflective Sustainable Dog Leash - Silver

Upcycled Dog Leash

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Sustainable Dog Leash in BlueSustainable Cork Leash - Hoadin

Cork Dog Leash

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Sustainable Dog Harness - Blue CorkSustainable Cork Harness - Natural Cork

Cork Dog Harness

From $69.99
Blue Cork Sustainable Dog CollarNatural Cork Dog Collar

Cork Dog Collar

From $42.99
It's no secret that dog collars, leashes, and harnesses can wear out quickly. Most of these accessories are also made with nylon or plastic that contain hamful chemicals or synthetic dyes and can be harmful to your pet and the planet. In our search for natural dog collars and leashes, we focused on upcycled and plastic-free materials that are not only safe for the environment, but durable for all your pup's adventures. Discover our selection of natural and sustainable dog collars, leashes and harnesses below!