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It doesn’t work, my dog has just as many seizures and they are still bad

Wool Felted Cat Balls
Karen DelMarmol
Perfect size!

My cats love these balls so much, I immediately ordered another set. Perfect for a teething kitten, too.

Cat Kicker Toy
Megan Ritter
The best!

Our cat Duchess loves her kicker and she uses it daily! It’s quite large, the size of her torso. Has withstood lots of bunny kicks over the past 2 years and still looks new. Highly recommend.

Dogs have yet to even touch it. Disappointed thought they would really like it

The only thing I don't like is the smell and I'm afraid my dogs can taste it. I'm having trouble getting them to eat their food when I put it in it because they can smell it and they know it's something different.

My 3 dogs love these. They are very small dogs but they are very aggressive chewers. These BetterBones are holding up well.
No mess, and no stink - two big advantages!

this is amazing

its really good and my cats are loving it!

Hi Blake - We're so happy to hear your cats are enjoying our snake toy! Thanks for sharing this!

Sturdy but actually compostable!

No poop-hand with these bags. My only complaint is they run out of them frequently.

Hi Joy - So glad you like our bags!

Snake Toy for Cats

its looks reasly fun and joy for for the cats

Thanks, Ryder! Cats do really love these. We hope yours does as well!

Upcycled Dog Leash
Patricia Sylvester-Koss
The best leash ever!

I had one of these leashes previously, and there’s no leash that lives up to this one as far as durability and comfort for the human. Absolutely love this leash, and I was overjoyed to find it again after so many years.

Hi Patricia - We're so glad you love the leash! They are very durable, for sure, thanks to the upcycled rubber.

Aggressive Chewer Safely Satisfied

My 10-month-old rescue hound puppy is settling into his forever home. He is our first dog, so we're learning what he likes and what is safe. We tried a nylon bone when we realized he loves hard chews, but within 10 minutes his gums were bleeding. Better Bone is the perfect solution. Our power pup put some dents in it in the first 20 minutes, but the material "flakes", so there are no stiff or sharp edges to hurt his gums or teeth. He's been happily chomping for about three weeks now, and there's a long way to go.

Hi Jo - Yeah! This is what we love to hear! We're thrilled your rescue pup is having a good safe plastic free chew.

Feedback on the dog bones for hard chewers

The bones are very durable, and I think they are a lot safer for my dogs. That said, they don't chew on them as long and I think that may be because they are used to nylabones and bonabones that have chicken and beef flavors often times. They do like to play with them though and that is a good thing. Thanks so much- Gina W.

Hi Gina- We're happy that your pups like the BetterBones. This particular bone has zero flavor, as that is the most sustainable 'flavor' right now. We stay away from anything with beef or lamb flavors or meats because these are have the worst impact on the planet. We hope to carry some more eco friendly flavors in the future.

Great for my Pom mix!

My Pomeranian mix is about 8 months old and going through her last teething phase. I gave her Nylabones, but she was chewing off little pieces and SWALLOWING them. I bought her this bone so I knew she wouldn't be swallowing plastic. She took to it right away and it holds up even better than a Nylabone!

Eek! Plastic isn't made for anyone to digest - especially our pets. We're so thrilled you found these safer BetterBones for your sweet Pom.

Keep the pouch paper coming!

I personally love it. It’s a perfect size for sticking under our pooch. When you’re pooch is goong number two, it makes it so easy to not leave any residue on other peoples, or our lawns. It’s a safer hygienic way of being kinder to the environment and to the community

Canine Premix for Dogs

Gives me peace of mind knowing my dogs are getting the nutrients they need. Thank you

Hi Patricia - We're so happy to hear this :)

Best chew bone!

FINALLY! One my dog can't actually eat and it's not made of plastic, this is so great will be ordering more!

Hi Natalie - We're thrilled you're happy with the BetterBone!

BetterBone vs Nylabone

I purchased these to replace the Nylabones I have given my dogs for years. My main reason was my aggresive chewer can whittle down a nylabone and I'm not convinced he isn't affected by the miniscule particles he would swallow. My hope is the BetterBone might be better in the long run, time will tell and that is the reason for only the four stars. He isn't as aggressive with the BetterBone chews which is a surprise to me. He does seem to like them so far.

Hi Marvin - BetterBone is definitely a safer alternative to Nylabone. Your dog may be less interested because there is no added artificial flavor to the BetterBone, unlike Nylabone. Perhaps it would help to rub some peanut butter on it? Or some broth? I wouldn't soak it in anything however, as the bones may swell since they are made from absorbent cellulose.

Cardboard Cat Scratcher
Nohely Padilla-Aguiar
Sturdy Quality Product

I bought this cat scratcher primarily because of the sustainability factor. But I have to say, the quality and utter sturdiness blew my other mass produced, unsustainably made cat scratchers out of the water! This might be 2-3x the price of the cheaper ones out there, however I expect it will hold up 2-3x better! Not only that, it is such great quality that my cats’ nails will definitely see a better filing result from it due to the rigid build. 100% recommend.

Hi Nohely - I'm so glad you're happy with our cat scratchers! Thank you for letting us know :)

Compostable Dog Poop Bags
Josie Miserendino
Actually disappeared

I buried a poop bag last winter and it was gone by spring. Sturdy & good size for big doggie’s doings. And they are plastic free. I recommend.

Hi Josie - What a great idea to test! I'm glad we passed :) Thank you for sharing this with us.

Wish there were a smaller version.

Gus would love to love it, but it’s a bit big for his mouth. Wish there was a smaller version for smaller dogs. My son’s border collie will start it for him and get it down to size.

Hi there - We do have two sizes that generally work for all dogs - a small and a large. I hope your dog ends up loving it!


So far they have enjoyed it. Neither one of my massive chewers have been able to break through it. So with me it's in good standing because we had yet to find one they couldn't get through. So if you have a strong chewer give it a try.

HI Angie - I'm so happy to know the BetterBone is lasting for your heavy chewers. That's excellent news!


Baby Hoss loves this bone !!!! I am really happy with it and will be ordering more for the other babies as well ! Thank you for this sweet gift ! Love, Missy and Baby Hoss

Hi Missy! I'm thrilled to hear Baby Hoss loves the BetterBone - yay! Thanks for letting us know!

The shape of bone is different from what my dog is used to. He is struggling to find a way to hold it so that he can enjoy it.

Hi Tim - The wishbone shape is usually quickly adapted by dogs. I hope this worked out for yours.

Better bone is a great bone

I have had my previous rescue dog for a year now and he has destroyed a small fortune in so-called indestructible toys. This is the first one that he hasn't destroyed in a matter of minutes. He loves it and chews on it often. Feel that it is safe as, that so far, no sharp edges from chewing or pieces breaking off to cause a choke hazard or any other damage. Like that it has no harmful chemicals or dyes. This small chewing bone is highly recommended by me.

That is wonderful news! I'm so glad to hear it's holding up for you and your pup. Thank you for sharing this!

My dog absolutely loves this bone. It is so thick and sturdy!

Yes! That's what we love to hear! Thank you for sharing your feedback, Tessa!