Our pets produce an exceptional amount of waste and emissions. At The Kind Pet, we believe we can driving sustainable change by improving our pet’s lifestyle not only for the planet, but for their well-being as well.

From sourcing, packaging, and shipping, we are 100% committed to making a kinder, cleaner planet.

Reduce your footprint without sacrificing quality.

Dog wearing bandana


Every product we source is selected for their sustainable value (compostable, low waste, upcycled, etc). We also try to find products that are specifically sourced in Canada or the USA to not only reduce our carbon footprint, but to support local economies as well.

As a sustainable business, we believe in full transparency. That’s why each of our products lists sourcing information under the “Sustainability” tab.

Cardboard box


Our goal is to ship your products with as little waste as possible, so that you can focus on enjoying time with your furry friend. Not worrying about your footprint.

Our packaging uses cardboard boxes that are at least 40% recycled with water-based adhesive tape. Our warehouse is also carbon neutral.


We've partnered with Corso's Green Shipping Protection not only to help protect your package against loss, theft, or damage but to also offset the emissions of your order.

All emissions are offset with a carbon offsetting program from Cool Effect

As members of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, we're dedicated to creating a more sustainable pet industry.

PSC works with a variety of retailers, distrbutors, manufacturer and brand to support their sustainability goals, while addressing large scale environmental and social issues.