Jen holding her dog and Laura holding her cat
Jen holding her dog and Laura holding her cat

Our Story

Different journeys. One combined impact.

Jennifer and Laura first met in 2015, when Jennifer was seeking out a marketing expert for her online business, The Eczema Company. Through her quest to heal her son’s eczema, Jennifer quickly became interested in holistic living and adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. It wasn’t long after (thanks to Jennifer’s influence) that Laura became interested too.

The Kind Pet was originally created to be a marketplace for socially responsible brands. After acquiring the brand Boba & Vespa in November 2023, the Kind Pet is now manufacturing sustainable pet toys while continuing to share products of the brands they love and respect.

Jen's dog licking her cheek

Jennifer & Oakley

Jennifer adopted a natural lifestyle for her and her family after finding solutions to a host of health ailments by moving to whole foods and cleaner living.

Today, she advocates for several sustainability initiatives like zero-waste and bank divestments from fossil fuels and continuously attempts to reduce her carbon footprint.

Her dog Oakley, is an energetic and loving miniature Sheepadoodle who loves to herd and keep his humans close, and play chase, tug a war and fetch.

Laura's cat Charlotte walking on her back

Laura & Charlotte

Being friends with Jennifer naturally inspired Laura to reduce her carbon footprint significantly. She also tries her best to buy local and organic and regularly composts.

Her kitty Charlotte is a loving and dog-like Scottish Straight who loves to follow her mom around and give her kisses.

Laura is excited to continue the discussion and learn more about zero waste and sustainability through The Kind Pet community.

Our pets deserve the best. So does our planet.

At the Kind Pet, we recognize the disastrous effects that pet waste, food, treats, toys and accessories have on our planet. That’s why we’re committed to helping you reduce your and your pet’s carbon footprint without sacrificing quality.