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Catnip Pyramid Toy

Our cat loves to chase and bat crinkle toys all around the house, but I wanted to find a better option. These are the perfect size and durable for her to chase and bite!

- Serena

Organic Cotton Rope Toy

My (large) dogs enjoy this rope toy immensely and it has survived much longer then other rope toys they've had in the past. They love to tug and chew at it, and it's still holding strong!

- Katherine

Hemp Bone Dog Toy

My dog loves the toy which is surprising because he usually doesn’t like smaller toys like that! It hasn’t ripped yet which is awesome because he tears stuff up all the time.

- Chico's Mom

Jen and Laura holding their pet dog and cat

Because your pet’s carbon footprint matters too.

The Kind Pet is a natural pet store and resource dedicated to reducing our pets' and our own impact on the planet.

As eco champions (and pet parents, of course!), we believe we can reduce our footprint without sacrificing quality. Not only do we create our own line of sustainable pet toys, but we also source from other socially responsible brands we respect.

Let us help you on your journey to becoming a more sustainable pet owner.

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