Canine Premix - Dog Supplements for Homemade Food
Canine Limited Premix
Canine Regular Premix ingredients
Canine Limited Premix ingredients

Holistic Vet Blend

Canine Premix - Dog Supplements for Homemade Food

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Vet Approved

Trying home cooked dog food? Consider a supplement to balance your doggo's diet and be sure they're getting everything they need!


Did you know that almost all dehydrated sweet potato found in dog food comes from China? The dehydration process is also an unnecessary use of energy and ultimately removes the nutritional value of most fruits and vegetables. And those plastic feed bags are NOT recyclable and are just so wasteful. The good news is that you can easily add human-grade ingredients to your dog's homemade diet without it being overly complicated or overly expensive.

Try home cooked dog food! Consider a supplement to balance homemade dog food to be sure your dog is getting ALL the necessary nutrientsSource and cook your ingredients and add this dog supplement for homemade food made by holistic veterinarian Dr. Dody Tyneway Robidog DVM. You will be in control of choosing quality ingredients whether its organic, home grown, local, what’s in season or on sale at the market. Finally, you’re in charge of what goes into your pet’s food! This premix contains the best supplements to add to homemade dog food.

If your dog has a sensitive stomach or allergies, we recommend the Limited formula.


  • Made in the USA.
  • Vet approved dog supplements for homemade food.
  • Provides necessary nutrients for a homecooked diet.
  • Made with human grade ingredients.
  • Homemade dog food recipes for meals prepared in large batches emailed with purchase.
  • 8.47oz

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Regular vs Limited

Regular is best for dogs who are healthy and have no digestive issues. This formula has added grass-fed beef liver.

Limited is best for senior pets, dogs with allergies, or dogs recovering from illness who need a limited ingredient, highly digestible diet.

Recipe Guides

Simply prepare a batch of food using the recipe guides below and then add the supplement. You can store the batches in the fridge or freezer or until you're ready to feed them to you pet. Here are the recipe guides, which will also be emailed to you after purchase:

Canine Regular with Liver

Canine Limited

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Patricia Miranda
Canine Premix for Dogs

Gives me peace of mind knowing my dogs are getting the nutrients they need. Thank you

Hi Patricia - We're so happy to hear this :)

Too soon to tell

I have just received this and used it once. I am very glad to have the homemade dog food recipes and appropriate supplements to give my dog, who has a sensitive stomach, a balanced diet that he enjoys and can tolerate.

We are so happy you're happy! We so hope your pup enjoys it!

Not what I needed

I'm not impressed. The limitations of how this product should be dosed with a large quantity of cooked food is not apparent from the advertising. When I asked about a single dose option, the answer was the product was not intended to be used that way. I purchased this product because one of my dogs is allergic to almost everything and I needed a vitamin without flax, soy, or corn. My dogs eat a raw diet, and I have yet to get a response on why these vitamins have to be mixed with cooked food. I will not be using it in the future. I'm not sure I can use what I have already purchased. This product in a single dose chew or even powder would be great IF it is compatable with a raw diet.

Hello there - I'm sorry you are disappointed, however, this formula was made by a holistic vet for home-cooked diets only. The dietary requirements for cooked vs raw diets are quite different and therefore need to be supplemented differently as well. Our vet realizes home cooking is time-consuming and therefore created her supplement with large batch cooking in mind to save time. All supplement purchases come with an emailed recipe guide to help you prepare a variety of meals with different proteins and carbs, etc. This is not a one sized-fits all supplement.

Deborah RAMOS
Great Supplement

My beagle has allergies and was overweight. I started him on the supplement with your food recipe and his vet is AMAZED. He looks like another dog; slimmer, energetic and shiny coat. Highly recommend

Oh yay! That's the most excellent news, Deborah! Thank you for sharing this with us!

Heather Rynerson
Canine limited premix.

I was referred to your company by my Raw food maker and I ordered your product and when I received it there was no instructions on how to mix the supplement for 1 pound batches which is what my Raw food is broken into for our two small dogs. I reached out to your company for help and how to calculate how much to feed my dogs and never received an email back. So I asked my dog food maker and she help me calculate how much to feed my dogs. As with any nutritional supplement it’s hard to know the effects yet as my two dogs have a lot of food allergies and we’re still trying to formulate their diet even after several years to eliminate their chewing on their tail and itching and things like that. So as of yet my customer service experience hasn’t been the best with your company but I trust that the product is good because of the person that referred it to me.

Hi Heather - I'm so sorry you didn't hear from us, but we somehow missed your email. Every supplement order is followed up with an email containing a guide on how to use the supplement and provides suggestions on home cooking recipes and variations you can use for your pet. I've sent this over to you and I think you'll find it very helpful and will answer your question about serving calculations.

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