A hemp bone for dogs in a taupe canvas material.
Hemp Dog bone with small black and white dog on couch
Black and tan shaggy dog carrying a soft dog bone in it's mouth.
ivory and taupe dog bone flat lay
Dimension chart of three sizes of the organic dog bone in hemp material.
Ivory and taupe dog bones different sizes

Boba & Vespa

Hemp Dog Bone Toy for Gentle Chewers

Sale price$18.99
Plastic free

For softer chewers, this hemp dog bone is the perfect toy for gnawing on or cuddling up to.

Size:Small (6")
Color:Solid Taupe

This hemp dog bone toy is for gentle chewers that just love to have something soft to hold on to or cuddle with. For aggressive chewers, check out this Better Bone Tough chew toy.

Ditch the polyester and poly filled plush toys and check out this organic dog bone made with hemp and 100% organic cotton filling and thread. Designed to be healthy for your pup and the planet, this hemp bone for dogs contains zero toxic dyes and is completely squeaker free. This soft dog bone toy is great for both play and cuddles.

Your pup will also love this Organic Cotton Rope Toy.


  • For gentle chewers.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Features natural materials: durable hemp cotton canvas, organic cotton filling, heavy duty cotton thread, cotton label.
  • Dye-free
  • Squeaker free


Spot Clean or Machine Wash Cold. Tumble Dry Low.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Cotton Chew toy

The dog loves it! I love it because of that and because it is compostable. The Kind Pet customer service was very gracious in addressing a concern that I had; this impressed me enough to enlist me as a future customer (already making Chanukah and Christmas gift-buying lists).

Oh yay! That makes me so happy to hear. I'm thrilled that you were happy with our service and the bone :)

Tough plushy!

We gave the hemp dog bone a try, as my Australian Cattle Dog chews a laundry list of items he's not supposed to! The hemp dog bone held up surprisingly well to our loves-to-tear-it-apart pup! Beyond how durable the hemp dog bone is, the stuffing - simple organic cotton.. was tossed into our garden heap after they finally chewed a small hole. Would be incredible for young puppies as even our German Shepherd battled to chew the hole!

Hi Shelby - We're so glad to hear your pup enjoyed this toy!

Rose Waddell
Made very well

We don't have our little bichon frise puppy yet but we're getting her in just a few days. So, we don't know how much she'll like the hemp toy yet. However, when I asked the breeder what the puppy likes to chew on now, the breeder said, "Anything she can get her mouth on". That lets me know there's a really good chance she'll love this toy, which should save our shoes and other things around the house. Everything we're buying this puppy is made of natural fibers, so we're very excited to find this toy made of hemp.

Hi Rose! We hope your new pup enjoys the toy!

Simple and cute

Very cute bone toy, my dogs love it. Easy on the ears since it doesn't have a squeaker. Lightweight but durable.

Yay to no squeakers, am I right?! We're so glad you and your pup are happy with the hemp toy.

Simple and cute

Very cute bone toy, my dogs love it. Easy on the ears since it doesn't have a squeaker. Lightweight but durable.

Yay to no squeakers, am I right?! We're so glad you and your pup are happy with the hemp toy.

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