tan and white dog laying on grass and chewing on a dog chew

The Best Safe Dog Chews for Aggressive Chewers

Whether you have a big or small dog, most dogs love to chew! Maybe your dog chews their favorite chew toy...or perhaps they chew your shoe or furniture. Eek! While dogs are natural chewers, some dogs are more aggressive chewers. If your dog falls in the aggressive chewer category, finding the perfect chew toy can be challenging.

In this post, we share some of the best chew toys for aggressive chewers. Read on to learn more!

Understanding aggressive chewing

Is your dog an aggressive chewer? If they chew with so much energy and enthusiasm that they shred or swallow whatever they are chewing on, then yes. An aggressive chewer can chew through dog toys or dog bones in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, if your dog chews more gently and slowly, they are a non-aggressive chewer. Certain toys, like a dog bone designed with tough materials, can help slow aggressive chewers down.

Aggressive chewing can happen for many reasons, including boredom and teething. In some cases, aggressive chewing can result from excitement or exploration. Aggressive chewing can also indicate an underlying issue like anxiety or lack of mental stimulation. To calm an anxious dog, you may want to learn more about how CBD can help. These DIY Dog enrichment toys could be a good idea to help.

What's the safest thing for an aggressive chewer?

As pet parents, you want your dog to chew on something safe that isn't a choking hazard and won't damage your dog's teeth and impact their dental health. While dog chews come in many forms, the two main categories are edible and non-edible.

Non-edible chews are made of rubber, nylon, or plastic and are not intended to be consumed. However, most dogs will end up chewing on and dislodging parts of these toys and digesting them, which isn't great considering what they are made with. Who wants nylon and plastic in their dog's belly? Plus, where does it go when they finally excrete it....outside and into waterways. Bad news.

Edible chews, like soft dental chews, are not only entertaining for your dog, but they also provide a delicious treat. However, for super-aggressive chewers, edible dog chews are gobbled up quickly and don't provide much entertainment. That's why a non-edible chew toy with a compartment to store treats is a safer choice. Having to work for their food can help slow them down and eliminate the risks that come with an edible chew toy.

What to look for in chew toys for aggressive chewers?

Due to their intense chewing style, certain chew toys are unsafe for aggressive chewers. The wrong chew toy may damage your dog's teeth and do more harm than good. Here are some features to be aware when shopping for dog toys for heavy chewers:


A soft dog chew can be a choking hazard if your dog shreds and swallows the stuffing inside.


The dog chew should be strong enough to withstand aggressive chewing.


If your dog manages to put the whole chew toy in their mouth, it can present a choking risk.

Ingredients and Materials

Watch out for plastic and nylon bones for the same reasons mentioned earlier - who wants that stuff ending up in their pet's bellies? No, we didn't think so. Find out why nylon toys and bones can be harmful to your pup. Instead, look for natural chews free from flavorings or coatings that could upset your dog’s stomach. Of course, always stay away from your pup's known allergens

Remember that big dogs with solid jaws aren't necessarily aggressive chewers. Small dogs can also destroy dog chews in record time. When looking for safe chews for aggressive chewers, it's important to know your dog's chewing behavior before deciding what to buy. Once you know your dog's chewing style, you can consider the hardness of the toy and the size of the chew toy. As all dog chews have the potential to become dangerous for your pet, it's important to always supervise your dog during their chewing session.

Popular Dog Chews

Some of the best dog bones for chewers can be found in bulk sections of your local pet store - yay to no plastic packaging!

Bully Sticks

These dog chews are easily digested and do not splinter. They range in thickness and length, so you can pick one that works for your pet. Once your aggressive chewer has chewed it down to a nub, take it away before they can swallow what's left.

Tendon Chews

Like all chew toys, tendon chews should only be offered under supervision. When the dog chew becomes small enough to swallow potentially, be sure to take it away to prevent ingestion.


Antlers are natural dog chew toys available in various shapes and sizes. The risk with antlers is that shards can splinter off and cause significant harm to your dog. Always watch your dog with these.

Yak Chews

Himalayan yak chews are made by boiling yak and cow milk. After drying over a few weeks, a firm dog chew is created. They pose the same dental risks as antlers and hard nylabones as they are very hard.

ZILLA Rubber Dog Treat Toy

Made in the USA from natural rubber, these ZILLA dog crate toys are super tough and comparable to Kong Extreme. We love them because they come with a metal clamp to easily attach to the toy to a crate or kennel making them great for crate training. ZILLA is also available without the clamp.

Better Bone

This BetterBone Tough is our VERY favorite dog chew for aggressive chewers. A nylon alternative chew toy, it's made specifically for aggressive chewers because it lasts a long time and won't splinter or cause a choking hazard. This aggressive chewer dog bone is made with only two natural ingredients (cellulose & sugarcane oil) and 100% nylon free, it's the eco-friendly chew toy you and your pup will love!



We hope this post helped you identify some new safe dog chews to try for your pup! We gave you our top tips for finding the best dog bones for aggressive chewers - so what will you try? Let us know how it goes!