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Elevate Your Pup's Playtime With The Best Natural Dog Toys

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An estimated 634 million dog toys end up in the trash in the US each year. This figure is even more astounding when you know that the estimated number of pet dogs is only 80 million - an average of over 7 disposable dog toys per dog each year! As members of the Pet Sustainability Coalition, we are dedicated to lowering this statistic and creating a more sustainable pet industry, and we want you to join us.

As responsible dog owners, we must acknowledge that our pup's environmental impact is enormous. To combat this, we must be conscious consumers and look for more durable and sustainable options for our furry friends, particularly when it comes to their beloved toys. This blog will explore the world of natural dog toys, highlight why they are important, and discuss how to pick the best organic dog toy for your pup.

Why You Should Choose Sustainable

Traditional dog toys are usually made from non-renewable materials like plastic, rubber, and synthetic fibers. The manufacturing process of these materials often involves harmful chemicals and excessive energy consumption, contributing to overall environmental pollution and waste. Even trusty tennis balls are extremely hard to recycle and can take more than 400 years to decompose!

On the other hand, organic dog toys are made of natural, recycled, biodegradable materials that minimize their environmental impact, both in production and disposal. Many sustainable pet brands (like us!) also prioritize ethical sourcing to ensure all workers are treated fairly and paid a living wage. If you choose a natural dog toy, it's a win-win for you and your pet!

Are Natural Dog Toys Better for My Dog?

Yes! Unfortunately, pet products are not regulated like human products, meaning that some traditional toys and products on the market may be harmful to the environment and your pup!

Many traditional dog toys contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which, although not inherently harmful, often contains chlorine and phthalates that can enter the bloodstream through the skin and gums and cause hormone disruptions and other damaging effects. Some dog toys also contain Bisphenol A (BPA), which can cause similar hormone problems in animals and humans. Other toxic chemicals like lead, bromine, and formaldehyde have also been found in on-the-market dog toys and can pose even more serious risks. That's why it is up to us, as responsible pet owners, to read the ingredients on products thoroughly and ensure our pet's toys are BPA-free and made from non-toxic materials.

Although traditional dog toys such as nylon chew toys are incredibly durable and tough for even the most aggressive chewers, they contain microplastics that can enter your dog's body and damage their health. Moreover, chewing particularly hard things like nylon chew toys and traditional dog bones can also cause damage to your dog's teeth and splinter into smaller pieces, becoming a choking hazard if your pup tries to swallow them.

Organic Dog Toys We Love

BetterBone Tough Bone

The BetterBone Tough Bone is our absolute favorite dog toy for tough chewers! Suppose you are concerned about your dog's aggressive chewing habits leading to their chew toys splintering into smaller parts. In that case, this ultra-durable, sustainable dog chew is the safest option for your pup and the planet. Made from only two natural ingredients - PEFC sustainably forested wood flour and renewable sugar cane oil - this toy is free from nylon and other toxic chemicals yet is 2-5% harder and also 5-10% more durable than typical nylon dog chews. The BetterBone Tough Chew has no sharp edges and eventually flakes into digestible pieces of cellulose to protect your pup's teeth and enamel, making it the perfect toy for you if your dog is a tough chewer who likes to destroy their toys!

Hemp Dog Bone

Is your furry friend a gentle chewer? Our Hemp Dog Bone is the perfect natural dog toy for the more gentle chewers who love to have something soft to cuddle with. Made in the USA from durable hemp canvas, non-toxic dyes, 100% organic cotton filling, and thread, this Hemp Dog Bone is a healthy alternative to poly-filled and polyester plush toys for your pet and the planet. A bonus of using eco-friendly materials is that this hemp dog bone is 100% compostable and completely biodegradable, so you won't be adding to the astounding 634 million dog toys that end up in landfills each year.

Organic Cotton Rope Tug Toy

Let your pup chew the day away with this Organic Cotton Rope Tug Toy. Made in the USA from 100% organic cotton sourced from sustainable cotton farms; this Rope Tug Toy is the perfect toy if your furry friend loves tug of war, playing fetch or simply just chewing. The natural fibers of rope toys floss your dog's teeth and stimulate their gums while they chew, making this chew toy an excellent choice for teething puppies and tough chewers. This organic tug toy comes in 4 sizes so dogs of all sizes can enjoy the benefits of using natural materials and help protect the environment.

Rubber Zilla Dog Kennel Toy

The Rubber Zilla Dog Kennel Toy is another of our favorite organic dog toys for aggressive chewers. Crafted in the USA from non-toxic, BPA-free, lead-free natural rubber, this kennel toy is endorsed by trainers and veterinarians worldwide as one of the most durable dog toys on the market. The toy works as a dog treat dispenser and is shaped to be ideal for filling with your pup's favorite treats, offering hours of mental and physical stimulation. Say goodbye to messy cleanups, as the Zilla Dog Toy can be tossed in the dishwasher when playtime is over!

Try with this cool Zilla Treat Clincher for hours of fun!

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