pup running with cotton dog toy in it's mouth.

Organic Toys For Dogs That Are Good for the Planet

Going green isn't just for humans. Producing an exceptional amount of waste and carbon emissions, your pet's carbon footprint matters too. As pet parents, we are responsible for making sustainable choices when looking after our pets.

One way to become a more eco-friendly dog owner is by being a conscious consumer and ensuring you buy products made from recycled materials or other sustainable values. This includes accessories, dog beds, leashes, collars, treats, bowls, and toys.

Read on to learn how to protect the planet by giving your pup natural pet toys that are phthalate-free, durable, and made from natural, recycled, or organic materials.

Pet Products and Our Planet

Your pooch loves to play - but at what cost does this come to our planet? Statistics estimate that nearly 634 million dog toys, such as tennis balls and nylon chew toys, end up in US landfills per year. This is equivalent to 40,500 tons of waste.

Think about it: how many toys do you buy per year only to have your dogs or cats rip them apart? We have to do better. One way to protect the environment is by choosing durable options that are free from toxic chemicals and made from eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastic, natural hemp, and natural rubber.

Our Commitment to Pet Sustainability

As members of the Sustainable Pet Coalition, we're dedicated to helping pet owners start their journey toward pet sustainability. To put our planet first, we carry a range of pet toys that are made with sustainable, non-toxic materials – without sacrificing quality. These include zero-waste products made with natural ingredients like organic cotton, recycled cardboard, and more. Every product we carry is selected for its sustainable value, and we do our best to ship your products with as little waste as possible, too. We are 100% committed to making a kinder, cleaner planet and helping you become a more eco-friendly dog or cat owner.

Honest Pet Products: Eco-Friendly Dog Toys

Organic Cotton Rope

One of our favorite tug toys, this rope toy is perfect for playing fetch or tug of war. Its natural fibers allow it to floss your pup's teeth while stimulating their gums as they chew on it. Made in the USA, this rope toy is 100% compostable, making it one of the best eco-friendly dog toys around. Durably designed, it's a great choice for the tough chewers out there!

Hemp Dog Bone Toy

Dogs love this super fun and ultra-soft hemp dog toy that's made with nontoxic cotton stuffing and thread. Squeaker-free, it's designed to be healthy for your pup and the planet. It's one of our favorite hemp toys because it's 100% compostable and completely biodegradable. Machine washable, this hemp dog toy is available in two sizes, making it an excellent option for puppies and big dogs alike.

BetterBone Tough

Are you looking for one of the best nylabone alternative chew toys? Look no further than this durable dog bone that's safe for aggressive chewers. Because it's unflavored, it's worth noting that it's safe for dogs with allergies, too. This chew toy won't splinter or cause a choking hazard like bully sticks.

Natural Toys for Cats

Cats love to play, too! Here are some sustainable toys that are purr-fect for cats.

Wool Veggie Cat Toys

Handmade from Himalayan and New Zealand wools rich in lanolin, these adorable kitty toys feature AZO-free dyes. These compostable cat toys are beloved by cats for their scent and touch.

Cardboard Cat Ball

Made in the USA, this cardboard cat toy is nontoxic and super fun. Your cat can spend hours playing the day away with one of the best recyclable cat toys out there.

Choose Sustainable Pet Products Today

Whether you want to play fetch, ball, tug of war, or something else, these organic toys for pets, made with sustainable materials, are fun for your pet and safe for our planet. Become a more sustainable pet owner today.