Silver Carp Fish - Hypoallergenic Cat Treats (Single Ingredient)
Silver Carp Fish - Hypoallergenic Cat Treats (Single Ingredient)

Arch Pet Food

Silver Carp Fish - Hypoallergenic Cat Treats (Single Ingredient)

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Made in the USA

A hypoallergenic treat for kitty made with invasive species protein and other natural, nutrient ingredients. Make a difference, one treat at a time.


Introducing Arch Pet Food's Silver Carp (Copi) cat treat – a unique delicacy made from an invasive fish species known as Asian carp. These hypoallergenic cat treats are meticulously prepared to offer your cat a delicious, single-ingredient dehydrated snack. Copi, also recognized as Asian or silver carp, boasts a plethora of nutrients and is notably free from the common chemicals and metals often found in bottom-feeding fish.

Copi fish species, while nutritious, poses a significant threat to our native ecosystems, particularly in the waterways of the Midwest. By consuming our Copi treats for cats with allergies, not only does your cat indulge in a delightful snack, but they also contribute to efforts aimed at preserving our planet's delicate balance.

Together, we can make a difference – one treat at a time.

  • Single ingredient treats for cats with food allergies and sensitive tummies.
  • Help to tackle fish overpopulation
  • Made in the USA.

Your kitty will love playing with this sustainable hemp catnip pyramid.

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How to Use

Use these hypo cat treats as a high-value reward or hide them in toys and puzzles.

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