Cat Litter Bag Holder
Cat Litter Bag Holder hanging on cupboard
Cat Litter Bag Holder Grey
Cat Litter Bag Holder hanging on cupboard
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Boba & Vespa

Cat Litter Bag Holder

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Plastic free
Made in the USA

Our litter pickup bag holder made from durable hemp will keep your kitty litter bags neat and tidy.

Color:Desert Grey

Our litter pickup bag holder made from durable hemp will keep your kitty litter bags neat and tidy and ready to go when you need them. The minimalist design of our cat litter bag holder offers the perfect combination of style and functionality while discreetly enclosing litter bags within. Your friends will wonder what could be inside the sheek little casing. Will you disclose that it's a cat litter bag dispenser or will you keep them guessing? :O


  • Made in the USA.
  • Handmade with 100% cotton canvas.
  • Contains no plastic or polyester, not even the thread.
  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Tumble Dry Low

Our Vision

As animal lovers and sustainability advocates, we value kindness. Kindness towards our pets, each other, ourselves and most importantly our planet.

Not only are we committed to providing sustainable products, but we hope to build a community and support resource for those striving to make the world a kinder place.

We believe in a kinder, cleaner planet.

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A Zero Waste Mindset

It's no secret that the pet industry produces an exceptional amount of waste. It's our job to eliminate that.

Each of our products is designed to ensure the least amount of waste possible by using organic materials like hemp, organic cotton, natural rubber, and more. Many are even compostable. We will never produce products with plastic or silicone that might be harmful to your pet's health.

We believe that leading the pathway towards a more sustainable future is possible not just for our pets, but for our world as well.

The Kind Collective

The products we feature on the Kind Collective are not only selected for their sustainability, but for the people behind them.

Many of the small businesses we carry are BIPOC-owned or LBGTQ-owned. Others work with local or international artisans.

At The Kind Pet, we believe leading the pathway towards a more sustainable future begins with an inclusive, collective effort.

Inspiring sustainable change through our pets

From selecting low-waste and natural products to our full transparency on sourcing, manufacturing and shipping processes, we are committed to being a fully sustainable business.

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