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The Best Sustainable Cat Beds

As responsible pet owners, we have the power to positively impact our environment through the decisions we make for our pets. That's why we strive to provide our furry friends with the best foodtoyscollars, and leashes; however, one aspect of pet care is often overlooked, and it is where our companions spend most of their time - their bed!

By choosing a sustainable cat or dog bed, you are not only putting your pet's comfort and care first but also contributing to the greater good of the planet. In this blog, let's explore why choosing a sustainable pet bed is important and consider what options are available to you and your beloved pet.

Why You Should Choose Sustainable

Traditional cat and dog beds often use non-renewable resources and manufacturing processes that can harm the environment. Synthetic fabrics and chemical treatments used in the production of conventional pet beds contribute to pollution, resource depletion, and the emission of greenhouse gases. Many traditional cat and dog beds also contain harmful additives and chemicals, such as flame retardants, that can pose a risk to your furry friend and cause respiratory issues.

On the other hand, sustainable pet beds are manufactured without harmful chemicals and dyes, often crafted from eco-friendly, recycled materials, to ensure a healthy and safe environment for pets and their owners. By choosing the sustainable option and minimizing you and your pet's ecological impact, you are helping to promote a healthier planet for generations to come!

Our Favorite Sustainable Beds

Molly Mutt Dog Bed Duvet

Do you have an ever-growing pile of old clothes, towels, and linen in your closet? The Molly Mutt Dog Bed Duvet Cover allows you to stuff your own cat or dog bed with materials found around your house! The duvet cover is made out of a breathable 100% cotton material that is non-toxic, durable, and machine washable (in cold water), so you can rest assured that it is a safe choice for your companion.

Another significant benefit of the Molly Mutt cover is that all the clothes and blankets you use to fill the duvet cover will have your scent on them, making the bed an irresistible comfy space for your pet where they can cuddle up and feel safe, even when you are not home.

The Molly Mutt Duvet Cover is also available in four sizes, from petite to huge, making it the perfect bed for any size of animal, from small cats to large dogs! The cover also comes in two fun color options so you can suit the design to your pet's personality or your home's color palette.

Still unsure as to how this pet bed makes a difference? For every pound of clothing you use to stuff these pet duvet covers, you can reduce your carbon footprint by 20 times! So not only are you giving your clothes a second life, but you are helping to save the world, too.

Ombre Pet Blanket & Mat

The Distinctly Himalayan Pet Blanket is made from 100% natural wool from the Himalayas and New Zealand, making it super soft, long-lasting, and eco-responsible. Wool is rich in lanolin, a wax known to help regulate temperature and have moisturizing qualities. This means that as your pets scratch at the mat, your furniture is protected from claw marks and fur, and your furry friend's claws and paws are also being conditioned, keeping their fur shining and healthy.

The lanolin in the wool is also anti-microbial and odor-resistant, meaning that both your furniture and your pet's bed stay naturally clean. Plus, cats love lanolin like they do catnip, so your feline friends won't be able to get enough of this blanket!

Wool Cat Bed with Handles

Looking for a different natural option? The Distinctly Himalayan Wool Cat Bed with Handles is made from 100% natural materials, free from plastic and harmful chemicals, making it the perfect zero-waste accessory for your cat! This cat bed is lovingly handmade from Tibetan and New Zealand wool, which is once again rich in lanolin, ensuring that this bed is a safe, soft, and irresistible option for you and your cat. This product is also certified by the Fair Trade Federation and the Pet Sustainability Coalition, so we can guarantee that workers' rights and following environmental standards are priorities.

The Wool Cat Bed also has the added feature of handles on either side, making transporting your cat easier than ever without compromising their comfort. This portable safe haven is available in two sizes, medium and large, so there is enough room for your cuddly creatures to cozy up together and get their well-needed rest.

Wool Cat Cave

The Wool Cat Cave offers an alternative to the traditional style of cat and dog beds, providing an enclosed space for your pet to retreat to. Enclosed cat beds are particularly important for cats as they are natural hunters, seeking cozy, den-like environments to feel protected from potential threats. This cat bed provides a secluded space where cats (and some small dogs) can enjoy uninterrupted downtime, helping reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Once again, handmade with super soft Himalayan and New Zealand wool, rich in lanolin, this cat cave is an adorable and durable option for your furry friend!

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