How to Get Rid of Pet Hair On Clothes Naturally

How to Get Rid of Pet Hair On Clothes Naturally

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As much as we love our pets, we’re not the biggest fans of their fur getting everywhere. If it seems like you’re constantly wearing a canine coat, you’re not alone.  Clothing, carpets, couches…you name it. It certainly seems to make its way around. This can be extremely frustrating for pet owners, especially when you love your furry friend to bits. In this post, we explore how to get rid of pet hair in laundry and clothes so that you can avoid, or limit, this annoyance. 

Vacuum often

If your pet has a tendency to shed, vacuuming will soon become a common household chore. Up your vacuum game by vacuuming often, even if that means once a day. Not only will you have to vacuum your floor, but you should vacuum your upholstery too. Having a cleaner house will mean less pet fur getting onto your clothes and in the washing machine. 

Use a lint roller

If you have a furry friend, a lint roller is your best friend. This is a great natural way to get rid of pet dander before you throw your clothes into the laundry. Using a lint roller helps to remove loose pet hair from clothing so that it doesn’t clump in your washing machine. If you're looking for a more sustainable option than the models with plastic handles and disposable tape, then check out this wooden style lint remover. You can also use a wet sponge or wet rubber gloves to remove pet fur from your clothes. 

Keep your washing machine clean

We encourage you to keep your washing machine and tumble dryer clean. Otherwise soap, germs, dirt, and yes, pet fur, can build up. You should empty your lint tray after every single cycle and make sure to wipe down the inside of your washing regularly. This is a great way to battle dog or cat fur on clothes. While you can’t stop them from shedding, you can do your best to reduce the pet hair they leave behind. 

Don’t overcrowd the washing machine

Another helpful tip when battling pet fur is to be mindful of overcrowding the washing machine. If you stuff as much as possible in, the clothes will be unable to remove freely in the water. This means that hair is less likely to be loosened and flushed down the drain. 

Rinse clothes with vinegar

Vinegar is a great ingredient to have around the house for cleaning – and that includes pesky pet hair. We recommend adding roughly half a cup of white vinegar to your washing machine during the rinse-wash cycle of your wash. The vinegar serves to relax the fabric fibers and release the hair. The vinegar will typically evaporate while the clothes are in the dryer so you don’t have to worry about the smell. 

Use a hand-held steamer

A hand-held steamer is a great way to remove pet dander off more delicate clothing items. The dampness from the steamer will help loosen the fabric, making it easier for you to remove pet fur.  

Brush your pet often

While brushing your pet often won’t make them shed less, it can make cleaning hair off your clothes and furniture more manageable. We suggest brushing your pet daily to remove any loose hairs. Doing so will reduce the number of loose hairs that build up during the day. This handmade Bamboo Groom Rotating Pin Comb is made with sustainable bamboo and helps remove loose hairs, dirt and debri.  You can also try this Oval Boar Bristle Brush which doubles as a lint remover to remove hair from clothes and furniture! Compostable and handmade, it’s perfect for pets with short, smooth hair. 

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