NARAL Pro Choice America

Giving Back 1.5% of Sales to Support Abortion Rights and Pet Shelters

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While advocating for sustainability is near and dear to our hearts, we also believe in supporting political and social issues at large.

When Jennifer and I first opened The Kind Pet, we knew that we wanted to give back to a national charity that supported companion animals. But while researching various organizations, one of the most devastating setbacks for human rights took place: The overturning of Roe v. Wade. We knew immediately we had to do something.

As two Canadian women, we recognized how privileged we were. Having access to free healthcare and abortion. Continuing to have reproductive rights and a choice with what do with our bodies. 

It deeply pains us to see what’s happening. It’s a life sentence for those seeking abortions from sexual assault, who lack health insurance or even the means to purchase contraceptives. 

While this continues to play out, The Kind Pet will be donating 1% of its sales to NARAL Pro-Choice America. At the moment, NARAL is mobilizing to hold anti-choice extremist politicians accountable at the ballot box this fall. Not only do they fight for abortion access, but are continually fighting for affordable access to birth control and paid family leave, as well as protecting pregnant women from workplace discrimination. 

As a business that advocates for sustainable pet ownership, it’s important to us to support a national non-profit that is working to limit overpopulation and support companion animals.

On top of the 1% we will donate to NARAL, we have decided to donate another 0.5% of sales to Best Friends Animal Society. This organization does a fantastic job at providing safe, no-kill shelters for homeless pets, as well as offering adoption and spay and neutering services. While there are several ways to become a sustainable pet owner, adopting a pet and spaying or neutering can help reduce the environmental issues associated with pet overpopulation.

At The Kind Pet we want our community to know that while you might never be able to save the world, standing up for what you believe in and doing everything you can to help will always matter. No act is too small. We’re so happy to be here with you on your journey.

Let’s make a kinder, cleaner planet together.


Co-Owner of The Kind Pet